Collaborative Robots


Collaborative Palletizer Workstation is a small goods handling expert tailor-made for food, medicine, 3C, food, printing, daily chemical and other industries. Visual programming design only takes 5 minutes. After entering the information within a few minutes, the products/cartons can be stacked on the wooden board to realize unmanned handling. The visual programming design that does not pick people is convenient for the operator to easily operate the robot; the end of the high-load design. The end effector can grab up to 20KG heavy products. The machine has flexible deployment, small footprint, simple wiring, convenient maintenance and fast efficiency. It can stack 8-10 boxes in one minute.

Categories : Cobot products

• Simple operation
   With touch screen design, it only needs to manually enter and save the parameters to
   realize unmanned handling;
• Simple operation process
   Preparation - Palletizing mode setting - A palletizing - B palletizing - complete;
• Both left and right can be stacked
   Flexible work depends on customer requirement;
• Labor saving
   The palletizing operation of the goods is completed by the machine instead of the
• Easy maintenance
   Precision parts, only the suction cup needs to be replaced after 300,000 times of use;
• High safety factor
   No need to use fences for safety isolation, with high reliability and safety.








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