Product distribution system

     WI is the leader in product sorter innovations with the highest speed and accuracy. The machines are designed by taking account of the customer needs. Also, Wi collaborates with TOSHIBA in inventing and developing the system to read “Thai” texts on the products with OCR-Optical Character Reader.
Therefore, it is the best solution for the sorter system.

Solution Offer 

• System design, production & implementation, Service & support
• Conveyor System ( Roller / Belt )
• Crossbelt Sorter System
• Line Sorter System
• Letter Sorting System
• Mix-Mail Sorting System
• Automated Singulation
• Barcode reader / OCR / VCS / MCS
• High Level and Low Level Control System
Letter Sorting
Crossbelt Sorter System

     Crossbelt Sorter System: It is the system that sorts works/materials for medium and large sized products high-speed of 2.5 m/s, which is designed to sort several types of work such as boxes, bags, trays, or materials accurately at the determined positions.
• Handling Capacity ≥ 500,000 pieces/day
• Sorting Accuracy ≥ 99.99%
• Availability: 99.00%
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