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    The pallet is conveyed on to a turntable which rotates the pallet load while it is stretch wrapped by a tower moving up and down to wrap the whole pallet. This method is most suited for light to medium weight stable loads that do not get dislodged while rotating around on the turn table.
   A typical maximum production rate for a turntable based FASW is 50 pallets per hour under defined wrapping cycles and pallet sizes.
   A specialised arm rotates around the pallet to wrap the load, while the load is stationary.
   This system reguires a larger footprint than a turntable wrapper and is best suited for heavy or unstable loads.
   lt has a wide typical production rate range of between 50 to 140 pellets per hour.
   The film carriage arm is mounted to a ring that allows rotation of the film roll around the stationary load.
   These systems are most useful in high-volume menufacturing lines, or for larger loads. They can also wrap multiple loads at a time
   They are best suited to production capacities of between 100 and 200 pellets per hour.