Worakulchai Innovations Company Limited started its business in 2012. It was originated from the expansion of Worakulchai Package Seal Company Limited, which has been the market leader in complete packaging services, including materials and cutting-edge technology since 1987
    Based on the experience as the leading packaging management for more than 20 years, Worakulchai Innovations Company Limited was certified to ISO 9001: 2008 standard, making us the expert at designing and creating innovations of modern packaging system with automatic technology and complete services.
     Worakulchai Innovations Company Limited is the leader in modern packaging system. We provide services with sincerity, pay attention to quality and never stop developing our services under the international standards to ensure the highest satisfaction of the customers.
     We are the expert in packaging systemization by selecting overseas machines that suit the customers’products. We also have the skilled engineering team to design the conveyor system that is appropriate for the space and production capacity through accurate calculation by software which has been effectively implemented through more than 15 years of our experience.

Serwice solution Company Limited puts importance on after-sale service and continuous maintenance provided to the customers to ensure that the installed system continuously functions and gives the highest benefit which is worth the investment. Thus, we are ready to provide complete services, including spare parts inventory, continuous maintenance of the machines, provision of backup machine in case of emergencies, and provision of a variety of services as customers’ options.

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